The Dream Shard

48 hours earlier....

As the guard starts to leave, Alarra charms him.

He loosens Shardryn’s chains

Isvyn the guard tells us that we are charged with breaking into the Lady Lorentia Dobrescu’s estate and breaking the family crest. We were clearly identified

We are in Rosenport.

Olivia Blarinka might be willing to lawyer for us? about 50’s, human

Lady Dobrescu meets with group, leaves

Priest of Desna meets with group,

Historian meets with group

Nightmare lord had servants of names matching our supposed names.

Time for trial

Lots of races, lots of guards

Marowet, Marzan, Moore and unnamed one

Guilty of irresponsible with body. Time for a mission!

Hyanus mining village is haunted by Black Aggie. Sal is geas’ed.

Lady Dobrescu is not happy with this situation.

2500g bill paid by Alarra

shard to be stored in lead lined box

Sal finds basics of Hyanus


cjdudley Sarah999

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