The Dream Shard

After Hook Street

Heading to the magister to get paaaaaid.

Get paaaaid. 2900g each.

SAL hands over a book with cultist names. gives us 1200 for it.

Head to Books a Dozen to see if the book is still there.

SAL keeps watch over night. Sees shadows fliting in the sky. The bookseller fell out of the sky. SAL is under suspicion.
SAL finds the Pagenarium Lethargica hidden by a magic bookmark of making it look plain. Bookmark of Deception

A day of researching the book doesn’t reveal answers.

SAL has a nightmare
More research:

Normally have to go to Dream Realm to destroy dream creatures like Moglathar. But since he was brought into this realm, he’s probably dead.

Seance time.

She can send us to the dream realm, but only as our dream selves. There are rituals to bring our real selves to the dream realm, the key we found is a talisman for it. She needs to understand the ritual.

attacked by evil clerics on the way home


cjdudley Sarah999

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