The Dream Shard

mmmm tacos

Captain Cora Cranden taking us to city hall to see the magistrate. He asks for help with the Shiver epidemic. Claims a cult (The Brotherhood of the Spider) is to blame for the epidemic. Thinks something happened recently to escalate the situation. Happened around the time our dopplegangers showed up. Magistrate Stainton Drune.
2,000 gold each.
Plus expenses with a 500 gold deductible.

Tie Frel Tan’s death to the Brotherhood of the Spider
Find and capture his dealer
Find where he died

Shiver is locally produced.
Shiver dens sometimes use pigs to dispose of overdose victims.

Off to the morgue or something morguelike

Frel’s body:
-The cloud monster came out of him, ripped his jaw open, head wrenched backwards
-He’s beat up badly
-All wounds are post mortem
-Arm and leg eaten down to the bone
-Ashen / colorless
-Ring is missing

Go to the Tan house. Meet Magistrate Tan. Frel hadn’t been home in days. Had bad habits, bad friends. Often seen in Lower town, Scuttling way, waker street. No other help to be had.

To the slums. Lots of missing person posters. Guards give names of a couple Shiver dens.
Tells us about 5 people hanged in an alley, covered in spider bites. “Spiders got em”
3 girls, bodies drained of color.

Find a shiver den. Ask for Frel, get the run around. Threats and stuff. Time to break things.
Find out about “Fever Dream Alley”
Proprietor flees, disappears. Find Tan’s shirt and signet ring. Alarra charms a guard.
Shardryn chops a ventilation hole in the roof.
Barvasi, one of Brotherhood thugs.
SAL searches the office, finds all the things. Ledgers showing shiver transactions.

Head to alley to find Frel’s ‘friends’
Alarra reads a mind and finds out Frel sold a book for drugs. Frel was working with Barvasi.
A spider crawls out of a guy’s mouth and webs start forming. Another guy pukes up a swarm of spiders, webs are all over, they are illusion.
The spider puker is dead, bile dribbling out of his mouth.

Now the addicts are our buddies, let us know Frel went to the night market fountain? People have bad dreams and wake up dead? Greely sells shiver? Local mystic?


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