The Dream Shard

Previously on

the hag is dragging madam Carrington down the stairs

kill hag, get her heartstone

loot = dream booze

run into an animate dream, much troubles with confusion spell
spider sickle lady breaks summoning circle and is then killed

16 pp
230 gp
584 sp
950 cp

750gp in gems
potion of hide from animals

mimics, Alarra makes friends with one
first trap in a year goes off
+1 returning dagger
MW spiderleg sickles
3x 500 gp black pearls
3 scroll cure moderate
200 gp
rapiers, daggers, etc.
black short sword gloomblade 8,810 gp
cassock of the clergy of spider god 4,600gp

Selena bard is now a vampire. Left Alarra’s mimic friend in the library with her.


cjdudley Sarah999

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