The Dream Shard

Then you join a caravan

Vladimir Romanov caravan leader
Lavoy- male dwarf druid, caravan guard, green snake companion

Sell barge, buy carriage and heavy wagon, +8 heavy horses, all necessary tarps, gear, tents, feed etc, and 2 skilled drivers paid to take us to Caliphas.

Alexander- wizard with a thing w/ Alarra, things went south, she shot him with magic missiles before he left
GLASS- SAL’s brother, runs a library up north
Lorness- 27 siblings, 8 clutchmates, 9 siblings still live
Shardryn- from East of Brevoy

Caravan stops for the night to visit Shardryn’s fiance’

Shardryn gets friendly with a halfling planning to kill Razmir. Tries to recruit Shardryn. She is going to Calphas.

Lorness vows to question any Razmiran cultist about the halfling woman’s family (Kvencisl), they have a small bonding over a drink.

Stay at the wolf woman’s house, its empty now, she is packed and left

A male scream up ahead- possibly dwarf

pack of ghouls feasting on him, with a leader eating his heart, fetchingly dressed
“You have already paid the toll”
she’s a tough one!

+1 human bane rapier (SAL)
+1 buckler
+1 mithril chain shirt
potion of fly
headband of cha +2 (Alarra)
belt of dex +2 (SAL)
+1 ring of protection
2 vials of acid
light crossbow
9 bolts
oil of daylight

wand of inflict light wounds (Lorness) – destroyed


cjdudley Sarah999

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