The Dream Shard

The Mayor's Request

Arrival in Carrion Hill

Guards (Crows) glad the pirate is gone

Docks are poor part of town
Head to upper class part of town to respond to cry for adventurers
Nervous guards
Raining, no one is out and about
Middenstone is the building material produced in Carrion Hill
Head to Mayor, two Crows at the door, glad to see us, no other adventurers showed up, all are in hiding
See Mayor Hegry with no wait
Carrion Hill has been attacked from outside many times
Now enemy inside city, tunnels, etc
Something came from below, a single being?
Witnesses provide little info
in The Tangle, Slippermarket, something attacked from below, in a building, destroyed everything inside, killed guards. Has struck twice more within an hour or two
Previous town was dedicated to Aroden, but dozens of towns have been in this location
Attack sites smell bad and have a slime
Signs of digging, no tunnels
1500 gold to investigate, double that if we solve the issue

Staying at the Hunter and Mace Inn, Colin Vladic Innkeeper

Temples and shrines, Desna, etc’
~24 guards, closed marketplace in disarray
Crossroad, ally w/rubble
Captain Vence
crushed bodies and gore, blood splatter, one twisted like a dishrag, arms crushed, ribs broken
broken up house belongs to Marshan
in the morning, loud noise, wall blew out, sounded like house was being pulled down from inside.
Guard attacked by invisible thing
opposite of wall knocked down is spiral of blood painted on wall, not magic, not Pharasma
nasty slime all over, greenish clear, viscous
Marshan was book collector? Parlor andy study trashed. Slime came from basement, whatever came up had to squeeze through 5ft stairway
Tarrig is nosy neighbor
Basement is recently excavated. The older architecture is different.
Copy of “Spaces Between the Stars” written in Aklo
Other attack site- house, no spiral. Something came from below, no basement or hole. Similar wounds
Can find all parts of all people
Get a drop of Garris’s blood. Saw nothing, went to investigate, never saw murderer. Died around dawn.

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