The Dream Shard

Back to the lab again

Dream haunt- when the veil between material and dream world is thin, aspects of dreams can leak through

We get stuck in a nightmare alley, start sinking into the ground

Alarra has a nightmare about eating a rat, but there’s a rat in her room and blood in her mouth.

After all research is complete, we enter the dream realm. The city fades away and we see the house in the distance. We hear a cackle, a hag grabs madam Carrington and drags her out of the dream realm.

We have dream powers. The house is a dream version, bright colors, attacking ivy. Stained glass window, warped butterfly motif, sinister.
Window spider attacks.

Imma Dragon!

SAL shatters the spiderfly with adamantine arrows.

Daemons on the altar. Eliminated.

After Hook Street

Heading to the magister to get paaaaaid.

Get paaaaid. 2900g each.

SAL hands over a book with cultist names. gives us 1200 for it.

Head to Books a Dozen to see if the book is still there.

SAL keeps watch over night. Sees shadows fliting in the sky. The bookseller fell out of the sky. SAL is under suspicion.
SAL finds the Pagenarium Lethargica hidden by a magic bookmark of making it look plain. Bookmark of Deception

A day of researching the book doesn’t reveal answers.

SAL has a nightmare
More research:

Normally have to go to Dream Realm to destroy dream creatures like Moglathar. But since he was brought into this realm, he’s probably dead.

Seance time.

She can send us to the dream realm, but only as our dream selves. There are rituals to bring our real selves to the dream realm, the key we found is a talisman for it. She needs to understand the ritual.

attacked by evil clerics on the way home

Alarra makes more friends

ratty, beat up room, sound of footsteps fleeing into Desna temple

invisible stalker, 6 dudes

Nahoum and Mayra lead cult, but Nahoum turned against Mayra when the seal was broken.
shrine to Moglathar in the basement
next room, 5 naked bodies on billiards table, 2 body sized cocoons.
6 masterwork sickle
6 scroll cure light wounds, delay poison

closet of corpses

go down elevator to area under the river, things are damp and slippery
phase spiders, Alarra makes a friend.

glass dome under the river, massive fossilized spider at the top, mob of mooks. Biter paralyzes the high priestess.

moglithar = 4th seal of nightmare lord. released when seal broke.

cloak of resist +2
headband wis +2
2 potions cure serious
mw spider sickle
silver and mithril key, gives off cold aura


475 gold per person

Scout the house on Hook St

SAL’s Tals. talismans and a chest

hypnotist’s locket 15gp
antique prognostication manual “To my love Mayra, Nahoum” (30gp) fortune telling item
+1 dagger
bag of dust of appearance
sack of gold 600gp note- Withhold Barvasi’s payment until the book of dreams is returned
lesser talisman of sealed summons – absorbs 1 hit from evil summoned creature
lesser talisman of warriors courage – turns frightened into shaken

Shardryn gets hit with some mind affecting magic. Attacked by a giant bug.
Alarra makes friends again, with a spider eater. Aranea caster.

stone with a rune (runestone of power)

another caster, fireball, room of spiders and spiderwebs
31g ring of counterspells- magic missile
pile o’ loots
weird ettercap with extra abilities

alchemy setup brewing shiver

ghostpowder 2x
silversheen 3x
4 lesser restoration potion

4 cultists

12 scrolls cure moderate
spider leg sickle
silver holy symbols
12 blue whinnis poison
8 vermin repellent
3x amulet natural armor +1

Books with words

Question Greely: Where is the Pagenarium Lethargica, he sold it to Barvasi.

Head to Magistrate.

Get money, 2,000gp each.

Offers 2,900 to bring the cult to its knees.

Greely’s place is close to spider cult area. -So says captain

House on Hook street, used to be a temple of Desna, then a family bought and has lived there for generations. Now spider cultists hang out.

Off to meet Barvasi. Alarra bargains with him.

Tin roof, rusted

Questioning the drug addicts:

Greely is in Night Market, under the red oliphant.
Going to hideout. Alarra makes friends with Lydia (Charming!)

Gamble with guards and get access to Greely.
Easy fight thanks to the charm. Find stuff Frel pawned. Greely has an unholy symbol of some spider. Various loots, stolen items.
Trapped hallway, sweet phat loots. Stolen mundane goods.
Mistmail, kukri, lesser talisman of danger sense (=375gp in pocket), 2 scrolls of Restoration in bone scroll tube, clay animal divining pot- Rat (alarra)

Potions: invis,

3x Scroll of cure moderate
anti toxin
3 dose whinnis poison
2 doses vermin replellent
1+ natural armor amulet (SAL)
unholy symbol

Books a dozen

More info about what was traded at night market: Frel traded a set of fine silverware engraved with JW, butterfly pin, silver key, parakeet in a cage, and other stuff. Didn’t trade book there

Madam Carrington is medium. We visit. Have to leave weapons outside to see her. DImly lit room, woman about 50’s, seems partially paralyzed? (has disease)
She didn’t buy book, 3 days ago a man came by and tried to sell it but she didnt buy.
Seance time! Good atmosphere, she does everything from the couch.

Hear a male voice, see a phantom in the middle of the table. Giurescu.
Talks about shiver epidemic. Man who tried to sell book had “dreamed his soul away”
Witch is looking for a key. Beyond the realm of dreams. The witch ‘rides their souls to their unwilling death"
’In recent weeks, the veil of dreams has become a danger to the unwary’

Go to night market, the ‘fountain’ is a well. Loose stone on the fountain. hidden compartment with empty leather roll and broken glass. Broken shiver vial.
People use the dead drop, its a complicated system. Thugs give money to young kids, then others come back and give them stuff, etc. Drug runnin.
Kestrel knows Greely, could arrange a meet.
For an exorbitant fee, leads us to some disused docks that is supposedly Greely’s hideout.
easy knockout of the door guard, Alarra burns down the door, giant water elemental pops up. Shardryn takes it out, then an amphibious froglike fiend shows up on a pillar of water. Hydrodaemon dispatched.

mmmm tacos

Captain Cora Cranden taking us to city hall to see the magistrate. He asks for help with the Shiver epidemic. Claims a cult (The Brotherhood of the Spider) is to blame for the epidemic. Thinks something happened recently to escalate the situation. Happened around the time our dopplegangers showed up. Magistrate Stainton Drune.
2,000 gold each.
Plus expenses with a 500 gold deductible.

Tie Frel Tan’s death to the Brotherhood of the Spider
Find and capture his dealer
Find where he died

Shiver is locally produced.
Shiver dens sometimes use pigs to dispose of overdose victims.

Off to the morgue or something morguelike

Frel’s body:
-The cloud monster came out of him, ripped his jaw open, head wrenched backwards
-He’s beat up badly
-All wounds are post mortem
-Arm and leg eaten down to the bone
-Ashen / colorless
-Ring is missing

Go to the Tan house. Meet Magistrate Tan. Frel hadn’t been home in days. Had bad habits, bad friends. Often seen in Lower town, Scuttling way, waker street. No other help to be had.

To the slums. Lots of missing person posters. Guards give names of a couple Shiver dens.
Tells us about 5 people hanged in an alley, covered in spider bites. “Spiders got em”
3 girls, bodies drained of color.

Find a shiver den. Ask for Frel, get the run around. Threats and stuff. Time to break things.
Find out about “Fever Dream Alley”
Proprietor flees, disappears. Find Tan’s shirt and signet ring. Alarra charms a guard.
Shardryn chops a ventilation hole in the roof.
Barvasi, one of Brotherhood thugs.
SAL searches the office, finds all the things. Ledgers showing shiver transactions.

Head to alley to find Frel’s ‘friends’
Alarra reads a mind and finds out Frel sold a book for drugs. Frel was working with Barvasi.
A spider crawls out of a guy’s mouth and webs start forming. Another guy pukes up a swarm of spiders, webs are all over, they are illusion.
The spider puker is dead, bile dribbling out of his mouth.

Now the addicts are our buddies, let us know Frel went to the night market fountain? People have bad dreams and wake up dead? Greely sells shiver? Local mystic?

Continuing adventures


Ritual to destroy shards
Nightmare Lord Lts. (body stealers)


Desnan faith has much info, Pagenarium Lethargica info on NIghtmare Lord and much other info. They do not have this text.

Rumors of bad dreams and trouble sleeping. Possible Shiver epidemic (drug from dream spiders)

Pagenarium is missing. SAL visits the reliquarium and sees where it was, finds boot prints.

We hear a scream and run to investigate. Misty creature and lurching undead body engaged with city guards. Easily dispatched. Hungry fog?
2 guards dead.
Guards recognize dead guy, wearing nice clothes and boots. Frel Tan, a nobody. His uncle is a magistrate.
“Hogslop”, guy partially eaten by pigs?

Sharon obsessed with poop. Session ends.

Rinse and repeat

Group discusses talking to the families of the dead children.

We go to see Egbold the overseer. He will send the families to talk to us.

Carolyn, tiefling
Merlog, human
Lane, human

They agree to allow us to cremate the bodies.

The ceremony proceeds, and Black Aggie appears.

She is dispelled and the group sticks around for a few days to make sure that she’s really gone.

After burning the bones, the geas lifts.

Alarra now knows where the hags are. Group goes to the north hag. Swampy creepy swamp. Gossamer Gwen, dead in her glen.


Rinse repeat on next hag, Samantha Argent


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