The Dream Shard

48 hours earlier....

As the guard starts to leave, Alarra charms him.

He loosens Shardryn’s chains

Isvyn the guard tells us that we are charged with breaking into the Lady Lorentia Dobrescu’s estate and breaking the family crest. We were clearly identified

We are in Rosenport.

Olivia Blarinka might be willing to lawyer for us? about 50’s, human

Lady Dobrescu meets with group, leaves

Priest of Desna meets with group,

Historian meets with group

Nightmare lord had servants of names matching our supposed names.

Time for trial

Lots of races, lots of guards

Marowet, Marzan, Moore and unnamed one

Guilty of irresponsible with body. Time for a mission!

Hyanus mining village is haunted by Black Aggie. Sal is geas’ed.

Lady Dobrescu is not happy with this situation.

2500g bill paid by Alarra

shard to be stored in lead lined box

Sal finds basics of Hyanus

And then....

We put Tanil to sleep, and wake up in prison. Whoops.

72 hours earlier…..

Desna is for butterflies

The party follows the butterfly out of a different door into a hallway. It disappears. The party isn’t sure why it’s following the butterfly. Only Desna something something.

The hallway opens into a round room with no other exits. Shardryn and SAL find a hidden door that opens into an inner courtyard. The courtyard is sealed off from the outside, containing a forge underneath a pavilion roof, and a shack with a closed door. Against the wall by the closed door is a shield.

Attempting to reach the door handle, the party spots movement from behind the shield. A damaged doll, Ballda, is hiding there from the cat. The party aids her and she tells the story of how she came to be imprisoned within the body of a doll.

She had come to this area with an adventurer named Tanil. Tanil had a found torque and started to wear it. She was planning to go north along the trade road, and gathered a few supporters to help her on her journey. Tanil was an adult at the time, so she seemed confused when the party told her about a child named Tanil.

Inside the shack in the courtyard was several human-sized sets of armor. Finding nothing of value or interest, the party returned to the castle and found another hidden door. It led down a short hallway to a huge room with crystal chandeliers, and a gigantic marble ballroom floor. Human-shaped automatons in were arranged in pairs around the floor. Ballda said that she had been attacked and mutilated by the cat in the doorway to this room, so the party decided to search for the missing parts of her.

Seeing what looked like a group of musicians, Shardryn heads toward it. As Shardryn steps onto the dance floor, everything comes to life. The musicians begin playing a lively tune, the chandeliers flare to light, and the dancers begin spinning and weaving around the dance floor. Shardryn is knocked back and down by the dancers, and manages to escape the dance floor with minimal injury. Everything stops when she steps off the floor.

As Shardryn is still gathering her wits, the clockwork cat attacks her. Alarra gets the cat’s attention with the “magic wand” granted to her by Tanil. Once she knows the cat is looking, Alarra tosses the ball onto the dance floor. The cat chases after it and is destroyed by the dancing automatons.

In the peaceful minutes after this scene, the butterfly shows up again, and the party follows it to a hall of doors. Each door along the sides of the hallway seems to lead to a guest room. The door at the end of the hallway leads to what appears to be a workshop full of unfinished dolls and experimental doll parts.

SAL and Alarra go down the hall to another door, find the Arboretum. The butterfly flies out of the room, back into the hallway with the guest bedrooms. and into the workshop room.

Although they are back where they began, right outside Tanil’s bedroom, they can’t seem to find the door that led to the spiral staircase. Confusion sets in and the party begins to argue about what to do next. Shardryn wants to confront the girl with the information given to them by Ballda (who is still with the party Chewbaccing on someone’s back). Lorness is afraid that if confronted with this information, Tanil will suddenly become violent and smash the dolls into little porcelain shards. SAL is afraid of being given more tea and being made to wear a hat. Alarra wonders where their bodies went without them.

Tiny Dancer

Shardryn = RUDE! totally broke a doll’s face.

Group heads to granddaughter’s room, she is having a tea party. We get put into a tea party.

Tanil has a cat.

Sal sees our dopplegangers riding out of the courtyard.

Note to granddad
Wind up mouse
ball & cup catch game = ’magic wand"

SAL finds the mechanism for the stairs WHEW!

Come to a large room, food storage. Food is made of metal and stone. Clockwork mice come in from holes in the wall.

Butter knives and wooden onions conquer the creatures!

Butter (grease) and a wooden leg of lamb

Next room is vury big. Kitchen.

pie tin (shield?)

dumbwaiter to explore other floors
leads to dining room

Clockwork cat pounce on SAL! Use clockwork mouse and exit stage left. Murdermittens

Fancy castle

Drosmmer welcomes us to his castle as guests, activates a mechanism and the room changes drastically, bringing him to our level and flattening the stairs. He summons some clockwork/magical servants.
Forsythe is the butler. Lorness asks how much for one, 20,000 gold.
He offers to show us the great hall and gallery, and changes the house layout again. The exit is no longer visible.
Clockwork maid tending fire. Clockwork animal head trophies.
Seems confused about Alarra asking how old he is.
Show us the doll room. Some button eyed, some jointed, some porcelain,
say they are for his granddaughter, who suffers from a sleeping sickness.
As Shardryn looks at the dolls as everyone else leaves, a doll runs up to her. She picks it up and hears a voice in her mind “Help Me” “Get me back to the wagons”
Drosmmer says he doesn’t remember making that one.

Takes us to a large, well appointed bedroom. Clockwork amusements, music box, dancer, etc. Toys a little girl would like.

Tanyl is the girl’s name. Appears to be a human girl. Green nightgown, gold circlet. No signs of illness. Some magic around her. Necklace is the source.
Mechanical nurse brings in hot broth.
SAL casts Identify and tries to put dream shard into the necklace.

Drosmmer is upset and tells us to leave the room. He has a patchy memory of how Tanyl got into the current state.
Takes us to see guests in guest room. Circular room is a hub for other rooms. As party goes down one hall, Shardryn sees clockwork men come out of other doors.


APPLE PASTRY is the new codeword for something going on

SAL investigates clockwork bodies and keeps a power source.

Heading down the hall, they become less worked and more rough stone.
Golden glow. Large room, walls fade away into the glow.
We turn into dolls!

dun dun DUN

Caravan moves along

Trade road is unusually quiet.

Strangely, there is a castle ahead that no one is familiar with. Caravan leaders discussing what to do.
Make camp 1 mile from castle. Shardryn takes first watch, has strange experience. Everyone is asleep, even Shardryn. She sees a doll approach and runs away. Shardryn falls asleep. Lorness wakes refreshed and wakes the party.
Allarra mind reads one guard that won’t wake up, his mind is at the castle and calls for help.

Party moves along and sees the castle, it seems like it has been there a few hundred years, not ancient. Some crows around. Mountains keep the castle in shadow even in full day.
Drawbridge spans a ravine. Courtyard with rotted shacks, old carts, etc.

creeeeeeeeeaaaaakkkkk, the door opens. It is dark. Allarra casts light, it is light.

The sound of a door opening upstairs. A man is at the top of the stairs. Wearing a leather apron, gloves, monocle on a headband.
Introduces himself as Drossmer.

Then you join a caravan

Vladimir Romanov caravan leader
Lavoy- male dwarf druid, caravan guard, green snake companion

Sell barge, buy carriage and heavy wagon, +8 heavy horses, all necessary tarps, gear, tents, feed etc, and 2 skilled drivers paid to take us to Caliphas.

Alexander- wizard with a thing w/ Alarra, things went south, she shot him with magic missiles before he left
GLASS- SAL’s brother, runs a library up north
Lorness- 27 siblings, 8 clutchmates, 9 siblings still live
Shardryn- from East of Brevoy

Caravan stops for the night to visit Shardryn’s fiance’

Shardryn gets friendly with a halfling planning to kill Razmir. Tries to recruit Shardryn. She is going to Calphas.

Lorness vows to question any Razmiran cultist about the halfling woman’s family (Kvencisl), they have a small bonding over a drink.

Stay at the wolf woman’s house, its empty now, she is packed and left

A male scream up ahead- possibly dwarf

pack of ghouls feasting on him, with a leader eating his heart, fetchingly dressed
“You have already paid the toll”
she’s a tough one!

+1 human bane rapier (SAL)
+1 buckler
+1 mithril chain shirt
potion of fly
headband of cha +2 (Alarra)
belt of dex +2 (SAL)
+1 ring of protection
2 vials of acid
light crossbow
9 bolts
oil of daylight

wand of inflict light wounds (Lorness) – destroyed

You meet in a tavern

Shardryn buys the group a fancy meal, with minstrel.

The Upwind Restaurant
Peezo the Bard with his new instrument that he has created.
Sings a song of our group, says that we have angered the Czcharni.

Book about dream shards
-Knights of Desna gathered scattered dream shards long ago
-Names of nobles and lords that oversaw quests

More research!

Caliphas is the place to beeeee

Lots of good information here!

Map from time of crusade against shards. Locations of all shard recovery spots and casualties.
References on rituals on destruction of shards.

Believed that all 13 dream shards had been gathered up and brought to holy location for destruction. One had gone missing before destruction. Within the church it was known, but not known outside of church.

Decision time:

Go to Senora (bard we know) to try and learn more about the shard and how to destroy

Find the vampire that the shard sent us to redeem. Do we believe the shard?
Look for a desecrated temple of Desna?

By the light of the full moon

Shardryn loses her horse.

Chops up dead body.

Madam: If we see a boy that looks like he came from our camp, if you kill him, you kill him. Gregor. Was close to Cheva.

Harrowing reading commences. “What IS the shard”

Shardryn: The Vision: Called to find secret arcane knowledge. Knowledge may lead to madness if you are not prepared.

Lorness: The Joke. A terror in your life that must be overcome. Cannot be mastered by strength alone. Must use guile and trickery.

SAL: Snakebite. Poison. Poison may take many forms. Spiritual? Danger is death of spirit and freedom.

Allara: The Rakshasa: Shows great strength of will. Contain within you the power if control. Will you be master or slave? Time will tell.

The reading:
Unicorn (crown) achieves what is sought, knowledge is easy to find

Theater (crown) past is always changing, unclear, prophecy of vagueness, knowledge may be misguiding
Demon’s Lantern (key) tricks, things known to be true may not be

Survivor (shield): someone has been through ordeal, something thought lost forever is found/reborn
Queen Mother (star): indistinct but represents knowledge made form
Waxworks (shield) Dark place, of helplessness, will to do things but powerless, unable to effect change, not in worst position, is weak. Imprisonment?

Publican (star): Significant! Future together as friends is confirmed! Insights in the bond to reveal truth.
The Mute Hag (star): there are secrets, lies, secret pacts, influences that turn strong friends against each other.
The Dark Future (hammer): A moment when old shackles are cast off and new life begins. Not in a good place. Bring about powerful change. But warned not to take change for granted. Change one master for another.

The cleric is in the wagon, looks terrible.
“I guess I need more belladona”
Sal finds the rose and snags it.

Will take rose back.

Church can send word or help to Caliphas, where the caravan is passing through in the next couple of months.
We carry a letter back to the church.

and we’re off on this fine spring/fall/spring day

Shardryn dream:
Surrounded by bodies of the slain, putting heads of people she has slain on pikes…they are friends

Give shard to Sal.

Attacked by stone giant and 5 ogres.

Unusual for ogres and stone giants to be working together, ogres are common.

Magic axe +1 large greataxe
Magic cloak +1 resistance
Magic ring +1 ring of protection
5 potions 4 cure light, 1cure mod
large chain shirt
Large MW shortbow

nothing odd about coins

Arrive in carrion hill. Priest says we are Even Steven.

500 gp and a restoration

Loot: 3291g each split 5 ways, includes party fund


We come upon a burned down house with a distraught man. He claims the Sczarni killed his wife and son and kidnapped his daughter Valla. Cieva is his name.
He says they brought dozens of men and 6-10 wagons.

Find circled wagons, Sal goes to investigate. Gets captured.

Don’t call em Scarni! They prefer Varisian.

Old woman, Madam Dovka claims Valla died years ago. Elifi Vassan is our host! We visit the gypsy wagon.

Wagon wrapped in silver chains. A moan from inside?

Dovka says man is a Sczarni, killed people that gave the Varisians bread. The Varisians have Valla, she is sick…they are trying to cure. Cieva is werewolf

Knows about the shard, says it is an evil talisman. From centuries ago, when nightmares tried to send the world into darkness.

Cieva attacks, killed in 1 round.


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