The Dream Shard

The Mayor's Request

Arrival in Carrion Hill

Guards (Crows) glad the pirate is gone

Docks are poor part of town
Head to upper class part of town to respond to cry for adventurers
Nervous guards
Raining, no one is out and about
Middenstone is the building material produced in Carrion Hill
Head to Mayor, two Crows at the door, glad to see us, no other adventurers showed up, all are in hiding
See Mayor Hegry with no wait
Carrion Hill has been attacked from outside many times
Now enemy inside city, tunnels, etc
Something came from below, a single being?
Witnesses provide little info
in The Tangle, Slippermarket, something attacked from below, in a building, destroyed everything inside, killed guards. Has struck twice more within an hour or two
Previous town was dedicated to Aroden, but dozens of towns have been in this location
Attack sites smell bad and have a slime
Signs of digging, no tunnels
1500 gold to investigate, double that if we solve the issue

Staying at the Hunter and Mace Inn, Colin Vladic Innkeeper

Temples and shrines, Desna, etc’
~24 guards, closed marketplace in disarray
Crossroad, ally w/rubble
Captain Vence
crushed bodies and gore, blood splatter, one twisted like a dishrag, arms crushed, ribs broken
broken up house belongs to Marshan
in the morning, loud noise, wall blew out, sounded like house was being pulled down from inside.
Guard attacked by invisible thing
opposite of wall knocked down is spiral of blood painted on wall, not magic, not Pharasma
nasty slime all over, greenish clear, viscous
Marshan was book collector? Parlor andy study trashed. Slime came from basement, whatever came up had to squeeze through 5ft stairway
Tarrig is nosy neighbor
Basement is recently excavated. The older architecture is different.
Copy of “Spaces Between the Stars” written in Aklo
Other attack site- house, no spiral. Something came from below, no basement or hole. Similar wounds
Can find all parts of all people
Get a drop of Garris’s blood. Saw nothing, went to investigate, never saw murderer. Died around dawn.

Into the depths

The party descended the stairs into a room with older architecture.

The room has alcoves with sarcophagi bearing Arodenian symbology.
The trail of dry black sludge continues here. There is a pile of rocks and debris blocking a door. Shardryn moves the debris, revealing a room of Deep Ones looking for brides.
In the room.

At the bottom of a reeeeeally long staircase there is a cavern.

Well that's unexpected

The cavern is full of bioluminescent fungus.

There’s ghouls around a necromantic altar.

Ghouls killed. Book examined.

The Pnkotic Manuscripts (written in Aklo)

Inside cover writing:

May we the keepers of the elders prevail over the evils of simplistic thought and lesser men.
5 signatures, 1 is the house owner above.

Bookmark , notes in the book (Aklo and Common)

Bodies facedown in the pool, mangled and drained of blood. Circular bites or cuts.

Shardryn goes into the muck to get a sword.

Wand of bulls str 14 charges
Bracers of armor +1
Scimitar +1
Cloak of resistance +1
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of swimming

One of the rooms off the main cavern has a basic 6 man campsite.

Handwritten notes in Aklo ; Gates, Great Old Ones, Dark Tapestry, etc.

Hallways off the main cavern barred off, one way has bars broken and ghouls came in that way.

Topside, there’s something going on. People are lining up to leave. Guard doesn’t know the names in the book. Mayor knows the names, they are prominent town members.
Marshan- house destroyed (one of the bodies)
Arland Hive- scholar, Tanley was his apprentice, lives in old Aroden temple (Elm Way Church)
Baskerwell – Hermit, lives outside of town, potion seller, associate of Mr Hive. Druid, healer (one of the dead bodies)
Krove- runs Krove’s Asylum
Ruplan Myers- Middenstone vendor, “Ruplan’s Vat”

Girl’s name is Tanley Vidra. She is back with her family.
Keepers of the Oldest
The sunless grove
Wanted to summon and commune with Oldest ones to gain power and knowledge
references to page numbers
ritual to open portal and summon spawn of dark tapestry
stern warning not to do it. Dolts.
Magic binds souls of summoners to summonees. It consumes them, gaining power.

contains arcane spells

The panic continues

The group rests.
The town is still in an uproar. Many people out and about, trying to leave.
Group heads to old church.

Church is old, but doesn’t look neglected, possibly re-purposed several times.
SAL doesn’t find any traps.
2 statues
Lots of books. Aroden, Summoning for Dummies (in Aklo)
One side room is a bedroom.
One room has leaky ceiling.
One room is storage.

Locked door with quality, recently installed lock
Room has trapdoor, recently installed
Cavern below, possibly made, but long since crumbled.
Stone column, pool of stagnant water
Tables w/alchemical materials (makes violet venom)

Chase a rogue/alchemist with a scarf w/ writings around his mouf. He is terrified.
Leather strip w/ passages from summoning manual.

Belt of dex +2 (alarra)
+2 ring of protection (shardryn)
+2 studded leather
4 vials violet venom (SAL)
formula book, true strike, disguise self, bomber’s eye, expeditious retreat, barkskin, cat’s grace

Dude = Arland Hive, scared
“Krove and Mire dragged me into it”
He spills the beans. He dies.

aaaand theeeeen....................

And now we kill all the things.

Off to the Middenstone factory.
No traps!

Locked doors.
purple roaches. Ew. this is what middenstone is made of? WTF are we doing here.

Undead. Also ew.

We just walked into a hot mess.

It’s hot. It is also really messy in here.

Undead are well preserved with magic and alchemy.

Caster in the back!

Stupid hold person and tentacles.

Shardryn murderates everything.

3 scrolls gentle repose


more chambers?
info about opening portal at sunless grove

100gp in coins
100gp writing implements


The middenstone factory explodes as we walk away.. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

The thing is there tearing it up, off to the asylum. For science.

3 people in straight jackets chained to the floor. Laughing maniacally.
Orderlies attack, Shardryn kills them. They are branded with a reverse spiral.

Nicely appointed office. books and ledgers are up to date.

Found a wand.

Smoking room, library, laundry, kitchen, pantry, privy, trash, baths

Alarra bluffs guards into thinking we are inspecting.

Musty basement filled with crazies.

Torture chamber w/ Derro torturer

Fucking doors!

Doors, doors everywhere.

One of them is full of lemure. Ew.

Headed to the church

Run to the church with a goopy Alarra.

Church of Milani

make donation and we owe favor (500gp)

Shardryn goes to get the money but the chest is in Allara’s pack. She frantically searches the inn and runs to the Mayor’s office. Haggles with Mayor about what he owes us. Signs for the money and gets extra for the remove curse.

Priest heals Alarra.

amulet (nat armor +1) alarra
cloak resist +1 lorness
bracers of armor +1
pearl of power 1st lvl
potion of fly
scroll of binding
wand of lesser restoration 8 charges

Argue about searching the rest of the place.

Search the place. Creepy lobotomy room. Surgical tools, 2×8 vials of mystery and wonder. (DC35)

Back room w/bed and books
3 foot lockers
ring of keys
money 300 plat
map of tunnels under carrion hills
box of pottery fragments, burnt bits of metal
box of pottery fragments and bits and pieces

Check other cells by chaos beast

one has a guy in it, pasty white, speaks unknown language (undercommon) morlocks

man, well spoken Ploog. Claims not to be evil, says Krove lobotomized him to try and erase his memory.

Lots of prep, attacking chaos beast.
Cheesed out max attack. Smooshed. Moving on.

Room with dark lake, fungus. Floor and walls are crumbling. Muck pit full of nothin.

No and then

Visit girl, she is catatonic, suffering mental illness

SAL researches:

Long ago, dreams affecting many.

Nightmare Lord attempted to create a following on material plane but was defeated by adventurers.

Used gems to exert influence, could communicate with the lord through them.
No description of the shards or info on where they are.

To temple of Milani:

Sister Zivas, went to proselytize to local gypsies 2 months ago. Gypsies left suddenly in the middle of the night heading southeast Gypsy family is named Kamata.

Sister Zivas, young attractive, charasmatic, Half elf

She has one of the sacred roses, if she doesn’t want to return, it should be returned.
-constantly in bloom, bleeds.
Church offers payment and expenses

Stop for the night, ghost wolf! Aroooooo! wolf is dead husband of woman, need to put him to rest.

Wolves follow us, lots of them.

Wight in the cabeen.


We come upon a burned down house with a distraught man. He claims the Sczarni killed his wife and son and kidnapped his daughter Valla. Cieva is his name.
He says they brought dozens of men and 6-10 wagons.

Find circled wagons, Sal goes to investigate. Gets captured.

Don’t call em Scarni! They prefer Varisian.

Old woman, Madam Dovka claims Valla died years ago. Elifi Vassan is our host! We visit the gypsy wagon.

Wagon wrapped in silver chains. A moan from inside?

Dovka says man is a Sczarni, killed people that gave the Varisians bread. The Varisians have Valla, she is sick…they are trying to cure. Cieva is werewolf

Knows about the shard, says it is an evil talisman. From centuries ago, when nightmares tried to send the world into darkness.

Cieva attacks, killed in 1 round.

By the light of the full moon

Shardryn loses her horse.

Chops up dead body.

Madam: If we see a boy that looks like he came from our camp, if you kill him, you kill him. Gregor. Was close to Cheva.

Harrowing reading commences. “What IS the shard”

Shardryn: The Vision: Called to find secret arcane knowledge. Knowledge may lead to madness if you are not prepared.

Lorness: The Joke. A terror in your life that must be overcome. Cannot be mastered by strength alone. Must use guile and trickery.

SAL: Snakebite. Poison. Poison may take many forms. Spiritual? Danger is death of spirit and freedom.

Allara: The Rakshasa: Shows great strength of will. Contain within you the power if control. Will you be master or slave? Time will tell.

The reading:
Unicorn (crown) achieves what is sought, knowledge is easy to find

Theater (crown) past is always changing, unclear, prophecy of vagueness, knowledge may be misguiding
Demon’s Lantern (key) tricks, things known to be true may not be

Survivor (shield): someone has been through ordeal, something thought lost forever is found/reborn
Queen Mother (star): indistinct but represents knowledge made form
Waxworks (shield) Dark place, of helplessness, will to do things but powerless, unable to effect change, not in worst position, is weak. Imprisonment?

Publican (star): Significant! Future together as friends is confirmed! Insights in the bond to reveal truth.
The Mute Hag (star): there are secrets, lies, secret pacts, influences that turn strong friends against each other.
The Dark Future (hammer): A moment when old shackles are cast off and new life begins. Not in a good place. Bring about powerful change. But warned not to take change for granted. Change one master for another.

The cleric is in the wagon, looks terrible.
“I guess I need more belladona”
Sal finds the rose and snags it.

Will take rose back.

Church can send word or help to Caliphas, where the caravan is passing through in the next couple of months.
We carry a letter back to the church.

and we’re off on this fine spring/fall/spring day

Shardryn dream:
Surrounded by bodies of the slain, putting heads of people she has slain on pikes…they are friends

Give shard to Sal.

Attacked by stone giant and 5 ogres.

Unusual for ogres and stone giants to be working together, ogres are common.

Magic axe +1 large greataxe
Magic cloak +1 resistance
Magic ring +1 ring of protection
5 potions 4 cure light, 1cure mod
large chain shirt
Large MW shortbow

nothing odd about coins

Arrive in carrion hill. Priest says we are Even Steven.

500 gp and a restoration

Loot: 3291g each split 5 ways, includes party fund


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