The Dream Shard

Alarra makes more friends

ratty, beat up room, sound of footsteps fleeing into Desna temple

invisible stalker, 6 dudes

Nahoum and Mayra lead cult, but Nahoum turned against Mayra when the seal was broken.
shrine to Moglathar in the basement
next room, 5 naked bodies on billiards table, 2 body sized cocoons.
6 masterwork sickle
6 scroll cure light wounds, delay poison

closet of corpses

go down elevator to area under the river, things are damp and slippery
phase spiders, Alarra makes a friend.

glass dome under the river, massive fossilized spider at the top, mob of mooks. Biter paralyzes the high priestess.

moglithar = 4th seal of nightmare lord. released when seal broke.

cloak of resist +2
headband wis +2
2 potions cure serious
mw spider sickle
silver and mithril key, gives off cold aura


cjdudley Sarah999

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