The Dream Shard

By the light of the full moon

Shardryn loses her horse.

Chops up dead body.

Madam: If we see a boy that looks like he came from our camp, if you kill him, you kill him. Gregor. Was close to Cheva.

Harrowing reading commences. “What IS the shard”

Shardryn: The Vision: Called to find secret arcane knowledge. Knowledge may lead to madness if you are not prepared.

Lorness: The Joke. A terror in your life that must be overcome. Cannot be mastered by strength alone. Must use guile and trickery.

SAL: Snakebite. Poison. Poison may take many forms. Spiritual? Danger is death of spirit and freedom.

Allara: The Rakshasa: Shows great strength of will. Contain within you the power if control. Will you be master or slave? Time will tell.

The reading:
Unicorn (crown) achieves what is sought, knowledge is easy to find

Theater (crown) past is always changing, unclear, prophecy of vagueness, knowledge may be misguiding
Demon’s Lantern (key) tricks, things known to be true may not be

Survivor (shield): someone has been through ordeal, something thought lost forever is found/reborn
Queen Mother (star): indistinct but represents knowledge made form
Waxworks (shield) Dark place, of helplessness, will to do things but powerless, unable to effect change, not in worst position, is weak. Imprisonment?

Publican (star): Significant! Future together as friends is confirmed! Insights in the bond to reveal truth.
The Mute Hag (star): there are secrets, lies, secret pacts, influences that turn strong friends against each other.
The Dark Future (hammer): A moment when old shackles are cast off and new life begins. Not in a good place. Bring about powerful change. But warned not to take change for granted. Change one master for another.

The cleric is in the wagon, looks terrible.
“I guess I need more belladona”
Sal finds the rose and snags it.

Will take rose back.

Church can send word or help to Caliphas, where the caravan is passing through in the next couple of months.
We carry a letter back to the church.

and we’re off on this fine spring/fall/spring day

Shardryn dream:
Surrounded by bodies of the slain, putting heads of people she has slain on pikes…they are friends

Give shard to Sal.

Attacked by stone giant and 5 ogres.

Unusual for ogres and stone giants to be working together, ogres are common.

Magic axe +1 large greataxe
Magic cloak +1 resistance
Magic ring +1 ring of protection
5 potions 4 cure light, 1cure mod
large chain shirt
Large MW shortbow

nothing odd about coins

Arrive in carrion hill. Priest says we are Even Steven.

500 gp and a restoration

Loot: 3291g each split 5 ways, includes party fund


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