The Dream Shard

Caravan moves along

Trade road is unusually quiet.

Strangely, there is a castle ahead that no one is familiar with. Caravan leaders discussing what to do.
Make camp 1 mile from castle. Shardryn takes first watch, has strange experience. Everyone is asleep, even Shardryn. She sees a doll approach and runs away. Shardryn falls asleep. Lorness wakes refreshed and wakes the party.
Allarra mind reads one guard that won’t wake up, his mind is at the castle and calls for help.

Party moves along and sees the castle, it seems like it has been there a few hundred years, not ancient. Some crows around. Mountains keep the castle in shadow even in full day.
Drawbridge spans a ravine. Courtyard with rotted shacks, old carts, etc.

creeeeeeeeeaaaaakkkkk, the door opens. It is dark. Allarra casts light, it is light.

The sound of a door opening upstairs. A man is at the top of the stairs. Wearing a leather apron, gloves, monocle on a headband.
Introduces himself as Drossmer.


cjdudley Sarah999

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