The Dream Shard

Fancy castle

Drosmmer welcomes us to his castle as guests, activates a mechanism and the room changes drastically, bringing him to our level and flattening the stairs. He summons some clockwork/magical servants.
Forsythe is the butler. Lorness asks how much for one, 20,000 gold.
He offers to show us the great hall and gallery, and changes the house layout again. The exit is no longer visible.
Clockwork maid tending fire. Clockwork animal head trophies.
Seems confused about Alarra asking how old he is.
Show us the doll room. Some button eyed, some jointed, some porcelain,
say they are for his granddaughter, who suffers from a sleeping sickness.
As Shardryn looks at the dolls as everyone else leaves, a doll runs up to her. She picks it up and hears a voice in her mind “Help Me” “Get me back to the wagons”
Drosmmer says he doesn’t remember making that one.

Takes us to a large, well appointed bedroom. Clockwork amusements, music box, dancer, etc. Toys a little girl would like.

Tanyl is the girl’s name. Appears to be a human girl. Green nightgown, gold circlet. No signs of illness. Some magic around her. Necklace is the source.
Mechanical nurse brings in hot broth.
SAL casts Identify and tries to put dream shard into the necklace.

Drosmmer is upset and tells us to leave the room. He has a patchy memory of how Tanyl got into the current state.
Takes us to see guests in guest room. Circular room is a hub for other rooms. As party goes down one hall, Shardryn sees clockwork men come out of other doors.


APPLE PASTRY is the new codeword for something going on

SAL investigates clockwork bodies and keeps a power source.

Heading down the hall, they become less worked and more rough stone.
Golden glow. Large room, walls fade away into the glow.
We turn into dolls!

dun dun DUN


cjdudley Sarah999

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