The Dream Shard


475 gold per person

Scout the house on Hook St

SAL’s Tals. talismans and a chest

hypnotist’s locket 15gp
antique prognostication manual “To my love Mayra, Nahoum” (30gp) fortune telling item
+1 dagger
bag of dust of appearance
sack of gold 600gp note- Withhold Barvasi’s payment until the book of dreams is returned
lesser talisman of sealed summons – absorbs 1 hit from evil summoned creature
lesser talisman of warriors courage – turns frightened into shaken

Shardryn gets hit with some mind affecting magic. Attacked by a giant bug.
Alarra makes friends again, with a spider eater. Aranea caster.

stone with a rune (runestone of power)

another caster, fireball, room of spiders and spiderwebs
31g ring of counterspells- magic missile
pile o’ loots
weird ettercap with extra abilities

alchemy setup brewing shiver

ghostpowder 2x
silversheen 3x
4 lesser restoration potion

4 cultists

12 scrolls cure moderate
spider leg sickle
silver holy symbols
12 blue whinnis poison
8 vermin repellent
3x amulet natural armor +1


cjdudley Sarah999

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