The Dream Shard


Sending SAL down the Shaft. Damn Right.

He finds a variety of skulls. Then the ground starts swallowing him.

Alarra casts dimension door and brings Shardryn and Lorness with her.

Ooze creature, makes skeletons that are not undead.

The party heads deeper in following Locate Object on a charred skull.

Opening in the mine tunnel, there’s a human child made of green light.

“It doesn’t matter, I asked for this, it was my pleasure”

Find a blasted out chamber at the end of the locate object.

Alarra seems distracted and wanders back towards entrance. Then she disappears. The area is filled with an overwhelming aura of evil.

Crashing sounds from where we came. Winch and block and tackle are on the ground.

Look for Alarra, can’t find her, checking the areas where the green glow was seen, nothing was found.

In the burned out room, there is a full charred skeleton in the floor. Hunched and deformed. Bones have previously been cut/damaged, but are now arranged as for a burial.

There is a commotion up above, we fly out. The villagers have made an angry mob around Alarra. She is digging in the ground. The drovers are protecting her from the mob.

We approach and get Shardryn out of her trance. She was trying to dig up withered children’s hearts to eat. Yummy.

SAL puts his thinker on overdrive and thinks it could be hags. 3 of them make a coven.

Alarra’s mom was a green hag. Whoops.

NOW the foreman says that when Aggie’s body was thrown down, there was a green flaming fireball.

Next time: find the hags


cjdudley Sarah999

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