The Dream Shard

Tiny Dancer

Shardryn = RUDE! totally broke a doll’s face.

Group heads to granddaughter’s room, she is having a tea party. We get put into a tea party.

Tanil has a cat.

Sal sees our dopplegangers riding out of the courtyard.

Note to granddad
Wind up mouse
ball & cup catch game = ’magic wand"

SAL finds the mechanism for the stairs WHEW!

Come to a large room, food storage. Food is made of metal and stone. Clockwork mice come in from holes in the wall.

Butter knives and wooden onions conquer the creatures!

Butter (grease) and a wooden leg of lamb

Next room is vury big. Kitchen.

pie tin (shield?)

dumbwaiter to explore other floors
leads to dining room

Clockwork cat pounce on SAL! Use clockwork mouse and exit stage left. Murdermittens


cjdudley Sarah999

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