The Dream Shard

Continuing adventures


Ritual to destroy shards
Nightmare Lord Lts. (body stealers)


Desnan faith has much info, Pagenarium Lethargica info on NIghtmare Lord and much other info. They do not have this text.

Rumors of bad dreams and trouble sleeping. Possible Shiver epidemic (drug from dream spiders)

Pagenarium is missing. SAL visits the reliquarium and sees where it was, finds boot prints.

We hear a scream and run to investigate. Misty creature and lurching undead body engaged with city guards. Easily dispatched. Hungry fog?
2 guards dead.
Guards recognize dead guy, wearing nice clothes and boots. Frel Tan, a nobody. His uncle is a magistrate.
“Hogslop”, guy partially eaten by pigs?

Sharon obsessed with poop. Session ends.


cjdudley cjdudley

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