The Dream Shard

Thats the way, uh huh uh huh

Goin’ to Hyanus. Coal minin’ town.

A familiar caravan is heading towards us. The caravan waited for us for days, leader is happy to see us.
Tanil sort of remembers us, she is awake and with the caravan.

Baelda is also there and happy to have legs. She is related to Lady grumpypants.

Other people woke up too and are with the caravan.

Drover 1: Tonio. Has very long fabulous blonde hair.

Drover 2: Michael. Everyone uses his name. All the time. He likes worms.

Foggy night, very dark

two conical structures, mineshaft covers

One large multipurpose building, bar and general store.

Locals aren’t super friendly but not hostile. Symbol of Pharasma on the door.

People going missing, some suicides, McGeer killed his wife and committed suicide
Cackling, green glow

Egbold is mine foreman.

Party leaves the store with a guide, immediately attacked by guy with a pickaxe. Alarra charms him and he doesn’t know what he was doing.

An invisible, incorporeal creature cackles and disappears.

Townie shows up, tells us not to bother, they are just getting their just due.
Townsfolk killed black Aggie, chopped her up and threw her parts in the spent mine.
They say she made 4 kids sick. Got holes in their skin, couldn’t keep food down

She healed people in the town, always reminded them that there is a cost for the healing.

Interview everyone in town old enough to have been alive at the time. All took part and agreed with the mob that killed her.

We walk him home, see a green glow, it leads us to one of the mine shafts.

Check out the remains of Aggie’s burned out house.

She had sisters that visited and left just before the kids got sick.

People acting weird are said to have “Aggie’s Kiss”

New mine shaft going under Aggie’s shaft.


cjdudley Sarah999

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